The peak representative body
for medical students in Victoria.

  1. March 16, 2016 by Gavin Wayne Sittampalam

    An open letter to Minister Hennessy

    “The [Murray-Darling Medical School] proposal is a poor solution to existing issues with medical workforce maldistribution, and provides no visible benefits to regional community health access.”

    MSCV has again written to State Minister for Health Jill Hennessy following increased speculation and lobbying for a new new medical school in regional Victoria and New South Wales. 

    The proposal from Charles Sturt and La Trobe Universities will have a minimal impact on retention of doctors within the Mallee region compared to existing schemes. Meanwhile, millions of taxpayers’ dollars could be wasted in establishment & maintenance of this school.

    These funds are far better spent funding increasing rural and regional vocational training opportunities. This will allow doctors to remain within these communities during their training, many of whom are currently forced to leave to continue their postgraduate training.

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    Download our letter here: 20160315-MSCV-to-Health-Minister-re-MDMS-4

  2. September 2, 2015 by Gavin Wayne Sittampalam

    Applications open for 2016 MSCV Chair

    The Medical Student Council of Victoria (MSCV) Chair is the  most senior medical student advocacy position in Victoria and is an exciting opportunity to lead a team of engaged student leaders, represent Victorian medical students, run state-level advocacy campaigns and oversee major student-run events. The role requires a significant personal time commitment.  Students from all four Victorian Medical Schools are eligible to apply.

    Applicants must submit a 300 word vision statement and a copy of their CV to their MedSoc President by 11.59pm on Wednesday 16 September. MedSoc President emails are listed below:

    Deakin University: Robbie Mann –
    Monash University: Victoria (Tori) Berquist –
    The University of Melbourne: Alice Liu –
    The University of Notre Dame Sydney (Melbourne Clinical School): Eugene D’Souza – and Mark Aicken –

    Applicants must also be available on the evening of Monday 21 September to attend the Council meeting and election. The election process will involve a 5 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions.

    All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the current MSCV Chair, Kunal Luthra ( to further discuss the role.

  3. February 16, 2015 by Gavin Wayne Sittampalam

    Information for medical students regarding upcoming MDA Board Elections

    MDA National, one of Australia’s medical indemnity companies, are soon running elections for positions on their board. Medical indemnity insurance is a key, and often overlooked, cog in clinical practice. Every medical practitioner must have medical indemnity insurance, but many medical students have not spent a great deal of time analysing the policies of the various medical indemnity companies.

    Medical students, as members, are encouraged to participate in the election process when they receive voting forms. This particular election is notable for the nomination of a doctor-in-training, Dr Patrick Mahar. Dr Mahar’s election platform is focused on engaging medical students and doctors in training.

    MSCV encourages all medical students in Victoria to read the statements provided by all nominees and participate in the vote. A medical student vote is equal to that of any other member of MDA National.

    Any questions? Please feel free to email